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We Proudly Joined in Celebrating the National Association of Women in Construction’s Week ‘Keys to the Future’ Campaign!

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As a woman-owned premier concrete specialty contractor, T&T Construction Management Group, Inc. is proud of all our women in the field, office, clients, and community partners! This year, we celebrated Women in Construction Week, a time to commemorate the tremendous work and leadership demonstrated by women across the AEC industry. It is celebrated in March each year and recognizes distinguished women in AEC from diverse backgrounds.

This year we joined the National Association of Women in Construction’s “Keys to the Future” campaign. Its theme highlights the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry.  Take a look at some of the amazing women that make up the T&T team.




Meet Caitlin, our incredible Project Engineer who plays a pivotal role in keeping our projects running smoothly. As a Project Engineer, Caitlin works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything stays on track and within budget.

Her responsibilities are vast and crucial to our success. Caitlin assists the Project Manager in various ways, including coordinating with the superintendent and clients, managing vendor deliveries and subcontract work, and generating essential documents.

Her attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

“I strive to keep the project sailing smoothly, ensuring it stays on schedule and within budget through seamless coordination with the team, vendors, and clients.”



Meet Carla, our Senior Estimator extraordinaire, and the driving force behind our concrete construction projects! Carla’s passion for costs, details, and organization shines through in every project she touches.

A graduate of the prestigious University of Florida, M.E. Rinker, SR. School of Building Construction Management, Carla brings a wealth of knowledge and 18 years of construction experience to the table. With 12 of those years dedicated to mastering the art of estimating concrete, she’s truly a powerhouse in her field.

Carla’s favorite moment? Opening a fresh set of plans and witnessing the vision, function, and future of a building come to life within those documents.

“Estimating isn’t just about numbers; it’s about envisioning the future within the plans and ensuring every detail is accounted for.”




Meet Ana, one of our dedicated team members who breaks barriers every day on the job!

Ana isn’t just a part of our team; she’s a driving force behind our success. From pouring concrete to ensuring site safety, Ana does it all with skill and determination. Her hard work and commitment inspire us all to reach new heights.

“My role it’s more than just ensuring site safety and managing general labor – it’s about empowering women in the field.”




Meet Edi, one of our outstanding project engineers here at T&T Construction Management.

Edi plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our projects. Her dedication to upholding safety, quality, and productivity standards while staying true to our company values is truly commendable.

With her keen eye for detail and excellent communication skills, Edi ensures that every project she works on runs smoothly from start to finish. Her commitment to teamwork and transparent communication sets a stellar example for us all.

“As a project engineer, I see it as my responsibility to ensure that every project I work on runs smoothly from start to finish.”




Meet Patti, our incredible Safety Specialist. As we embrace this year’s theme, “Keys to the Future,” Patti exemplifies the key to a safer future in the concrete construction industry.

With her expertise and dedication, Patti ensures that every worker on our sites is equipped with the knowledge and tools to stay safe.

“Strong, skilled, and safety-minded women shape our industry.”





Meet Lindie, our incredible project accountant in the Northeast who keeps our finances in tip-top shape! She plays a crucial role in nurturing relationships with both new and existing clients and suppliers.

Originally diving into the construction world through an accounts payable position in excavation, Lindie found her true calling in the concrete industry. Since joining our company, she’s been an invaluable asset, bringing her expertise and dedication to every project.

“Empowering women to build strong financial foundations in construction, one project at a time.”





Meet Melissa, our incredible Staff Accountant. She plays a crucial role in keeping our financial gears turning smoothly. As a Staff Accountant, she is the backbone of our Accounts Payable team, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in every aspect.

Melissa, your dedication and attention to detail are the foundation of our financial success!

“In the world of numbers, accuracy is our foundation, and timeliness is our compass. I navigate the Accounts Payable realm, ensuring each transaction is not only correct but also timely.”





Meet Hira, the powerhouse behind our benefit administration. Taking care of our people on a daily basis, she’s the driving force behind our employee benefits programs.

From meticulously planning benefits to resolving any issues, Hira’s dedication keeps our team supported and thriving.

“Together, we build a workplace where every voice is heard, and every benefit is a testament to our commitment to each other’s well-being.”




Here’s to all the amazing women who are reshaping the world of construction. Your strength, talent, and resilience are the foundation of our industry’s future.