Specialty Concrete Construction


There are several advantages to tilt-up construction, including faster construction times, cost-effectiveness, durability, and energy efficiency. It is especially popular for warehouses, distribution centers, retail buildings, and other large structures. 

Experience & Expertise
Our tilt wall construction experts have demonstrated a solid track record of success using these construction techniques.

Innovative Techniques
Utilizing innovative and efficient tilt wall construction methods, improved panel design and casting processes—as well as specialized equipment—can increase the efficiency and quality of a project. 

Safety Protocols
We prioritize safety on all our projects and ensure compliance with all relevant safety regulations. 

Cost & Time Efficiency
Our ability to complete projects within budget and on schedule is unmatched.   

Quality Work
Our staff is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring our projects meet the highest standards.   

Continuous Improvement
We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and reduce costs.  

Customer Service & Communication
Effective communication throughout construction is crucial to a successful project. We strive to exceed customer expectations and build lasting relationships.  

We believe in the power of collaboration and strive to create a positive, productive working environment. 

Industry Certifications
Our industry certifications and memberships demonstrate our commitment to high standards. 

High-Tolerance Specialty Floors 

Our experienced team will help you achieve high-quality, long-term results with high-tolerance slab-on-grade services. 

Specialty  Slabs 

Superflat Floors 
Today's modern warehouses and big box industrial facilities often require specialized "superflat" floors. That's because they must be level enough to accommodate the stringent requirements of state-of-the-art lift equipment navigating through high-density, narrow aisles and extending to reach tall storage racks.  

Elevated Slabs  
We also create a variety of suspended, precast concrete surfaces for modern buildings of all types. Elevated slabs are raised off ground level and may be used for building multistory buildings and large commercial complexes, among other applications.

Ductilcrete is a proprietary high-tolerance concrete slab system that allows for greater joint spacing, less cracking, and less maintenance. As one of the first DUCTILCRETE® alliance members—and one of the first construction firms to use the product in the state of Florida—we have proudly poured more than 2 million square feet of this strong and durable, fiber-reinforced concrete flooring material.  

Benefits of DUCTILCRETE ® 
Fewer Joints  
Lower Maintenance  
Less Curl or Shrinkage  
Increased Load-Bearing Capacity 

Cast-In-Place (CIP)

Cast-in-place (CIP) concrete projects involve creating and completing a concrete element directly on a job site in the component's finished position—as opposed to precasting it offsite and delivering and assembling it at the site later. These projects often include stairs, columns, walls, beams, truck ramps, truck wells, and more.  

Benefits of CIP Concrete  
Increased Versatility  
High Adaptability  
Increased Strength of Finished Products  

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