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T&T Construction Management Group shines as Platinum Sponsors at Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2023 

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T&T Construction Management Group is proud to have participated as Platinum Sponsors at the Tilt-Up International Convention and Expo 2023 held in Tampa this past September. With the theme “In the Horizon,” this event was a beacon of innovation, knowledge, and networking for the concrete construction industry. It was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss, and we did not disappoint.

A Massive Delegation 

Our commitment to excellence and continuous learning was unmistakable as we sent a delegation of more than 30 of our team members to the Expo. These professionals represented the diverse talent that makes T&T Construction Management Group a true industry leader. From project managers to engineers and from supervisors to technicians, we had the full spectrum of expertise in attendance.


Learning and Networking

One of the key highlights of the convention was the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and experts. Our team members actively engaged in various educational sessions, workshops, and discussions, gaining valuable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the tilt-up construction sphere.

Moreover, networking was at the forefront of our agenda. Building and nurturing relationships in the construction industry is essential, and this event provided the ideal setting. T&T Construction Management Group had the privilege of connecting with professionals from around the world, fostering collaborations, and solidifying existing partnerships.

Keynotes That Left a Mark

Our team members weren’t just passive participants; they were active contributors to the event’s success. Two of our senior members had the honor of delivering keynote sessions that left a lasting impression on the attendees.

Doug Burwell, our Preconstruction Director, set the scene with the first session of the Expo, captivating the audience with his insightful discourse on the paramount significance of strategic leadership within the Concrete Industry. His engaging discussion not only shed light on the indispensable role of leadership but also left us with invaluable takeaways that are bound to resonate within our personal and professional journeys.

A clear and compelling company vision was emphasized in Burwell’s eloquent presentation. He underlined how this visionary perspective serves as the guiding light, steering companies towards success and innovation. Developing a clear vision becomes the cornerstone upon which concrete companies can build their leadership in an increasingly evolving world.

In addition, Burwell’s address emphasized the importance of understanding our purpose. In pursuit of excellence, he reminded us to keep our “why” in mind. As we navigate challenges in the Concrete Industry, we can stay true to our mission by digging into the core purpose of our journey.

A key point of Burwell’s presentation was that he stressed the importance of the people who accompany us on our professional journeys. As a whole, Doug Burwell’s session at Expo was a masterclass in leadership, emphasizing the importance of vision, purpose, and people.

Following three days of intensive learning, our Chief Operating Officer, Jason Thomas, unveiled the incredible benefits that extended joint floors bring to Tilt-Up construction projects. His participation was not only informative but also inspiring, as he shared an array of real-life examples, practical tips, and innovative tricks that captivated attendees and inspired them to seriously consider this cost-effective and groundbreaking technique.

During Jason’s comprehensive presentation, attendees gained a deeper understanding of how extended joint floors can revolutionize Tilt-Up construction, illustrating their potential. As a result of his hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge, he illustrated how these innovative solutions can enhance construction projects’ efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality. His ability to convey complex concepts in a relatable manner left attendees eager to incorporate this transformative technique into their Tilt-Up construction projects.

Rising to the Challenge

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, five of our dedicated team members took the Tilt-Up Supervisor and Technician Certification Exam. This challenging examination evaluates a candidate’s understanding of the intricate processes and techniques involved in tilt-up construction.

A Resounding Success

In every sense, the Tilt-Up International Convention and Expo 2023 was a resounding success for T&T Construction Management Group. We not only fulfilled our role as Platinum Sponsors but also actively engaged with everything the event had to offer.

At T&T Construction Management Group, we believe in building not just structures but also the future. In participating in the Tilt-Up International Convention and Expo 2023, we demonstrate our commitment to pushing the boundaries of construction.

The event organizers put on an outstanding event, and we thank our team members for their participation.

Together, we are building a brighter future!