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Delivering a complex pour in less than two weeks? No Problem.

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It’s no easy feat to install a rather large DUCTILCRETE freezer slab. Especially if we’re placing one inside a building that is already fully built. But that’s what T&T Construction Management Group, Inc. was called upon to deliver at the Performance Food Group (PFG) Cold Storage facility located in Kissimmee, Florida. T&T Construction Management Group, Inc., which has a long history of successful tilt-up and specialty concrete work, was able to tackle this unique job on a rather brisk timeline.

We have long utilized DUCTILCRETE technology on our two-layer tilt-up concrete projects, and knew it would be a perfect fit for the PFG Cold Storage facility—but that didn’t change the fact that we couldn’t simply remove the walls and ceiling of the building to install the DUCTILCRETE freezer technology, which utilizes a patented mixture to control shrinkage of the poured concrete. Fortunately, we were able to solve this unique challenge by building a concrete mixing station at the job site. Our talented engineers were then able to siphon in the concrete through an engineered pumping system that took the construction material, via the building’s duct entryways, through well over 100 feet of line from the exterior to the installation site of the DUCTILCRETE inside the warehouse.

Time was also definitely of the essence once the client informed us we had only two weeks to complete the specialty slab and concrete pour; normally, for a project of this type, a six-week timeline is considered fast. Furthermore, joint spacings are typically placed 12 to 15 feet apart, but at the cold storage facility, they had to be located 50 feet apart in both directions. So, we had to both think on our feet and move fast.

There was also no way to make a second attempt: The pour had to be executed perfectly on the first try. Thanks to our talented team, we were able to solve these complex issues of time and space in an efficient and timely manner. We also exceeded the project requirements which required flatness and levelness

Teamwork. Embracing challenges. And going above and beyond in our work. It’s what we are all about.